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China Print 2017

Published:2017-08-04 10:15                 Click:

 China Print 2017

     SHIHENG as the leading manufacturer in automatic die cutting & foil stamping machine, we attended the China Print 2017.  

     2017 is a challenging year for manufacturers of automatic die cutting machines, and a series of events has lead to an excessive number of trade shows, one after another. We attend several exhibitions and got great success. Most printing and packaging factories are commited to change their manufacturing way from manually to automatic.

     Automatic die-cutting machine are with much higher speed, less labor cost, more safe than manual machine. In 2017 China Print, we had show customer our new design SH-1060SE die cutting machine with stripping device(including 2nd stripping device), SH-1060SEF Die cutting & Foil stamping machine. Customer spoke highly of our design, performance, speed, and quality. We made great success in China Print 2017. 







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