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Bronzing machine safety operation

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Bronzing machine safety operation


First, check the contents of the previous boot

The quality of a machine's status and product

(1) First class view on the production process, the operation of the machine is in a normal state, to see whether an exception occurs, and treatment measures and methods of abnormal situations.

  2) on a group of product quality inspection. Check whether the class of product quality to meet quality requirements, the availability of scrap and defective products. Waste, defective products and qualified products have stacked separately, and indicate its quality, quantity in the process list.

2. The machine's production schedule

View this group of products machine table contents, plans to complete the case, a clear understanding of the present batch production schedule, and make arrangements for bumban arranged production plan. Pneumatic stripping machine

3. Adjust the case of machinery and equipment

View work there in the operation of machinery and equipment carried no adjustment, if any adjustment, adjusted which means the use of adjusted operating conditions and so must make a detailed understanding. Second, the preparation of pre-production

  One day, bronzing machine must refuel before going to work, lubrication work. Come to be serious, comprehensive, can not be missed, while the

To observe the eye without clogging oil, once found should be removed, and clear.

  2, carefully read the construction of single, correct understanding of the work order request

        (1) The captain alone in front of the power to deal with the construction requirements of correct understanding, view sample, work orders are complete and consistent. Pneumatic stripping machine

        (2) Control the original version to be checked for bronzing. View bronzing version meets the quality requirements.

        (3) for the construction of single request can not be fully understood, should be in charge of inquiry clearly can not rely on subjective production.

   3, the functioning of the machinery and equipment

(1) In just machines, the machine should be observed whether the abnormal response and, if abnormal noise, abnormal movements, local overheating, etc., should immediately stop checking. Pneumatic stripping machine

(2) the key observation group adjusted the site properly.

Switches, brake and other components (3) Check equipment is flexible and reliable.

   4, the original, readiness and auxiliary materials

(1) See require bronzing products are not in place, if there is no place should reflect and assist the supervisor in charge of doing the work product handling.

(2) shall receive an appropriate foil paper models according to different process requirements (such as polished, plastic, etc.), we must fully consider the relationship with gold foil printed pieces of paper.

(3) Common Model A. gold foil paper: 368398 B. red gold: 308368328 C. Silver

Gold: 368,328

(4) According to the actual area of gilt, gold foil paper to be cut, cutting should be placed slightly apart, to avoid too large or too small to cause unnecessary waste. Pneumatic stripping machine

5, the machine adjustment

(1) temperature adjustment. Bronzing temperature adjustment should be based on different products, different processes and different foil paper models to determine the different temperatures. Bronzing effect of temperature shall be final bronzing products.

(2) the pressure regulator. When pressure debugging, from light to heavy, slowly, with the final increase to normal pressure, not a one-time adjustment of the pressure is too large, so as not to crush gold foil version, resulting in losses. Adjust the pressure at the same time, attention should also balance the entire layout surface, consistent pressure.

(3) needle position adjustment. Needle position adjustment should be based on signature samples, bronzing position accuracy, the needle position is consistent. Pneumatic stripping machine

(4) The first boot just go to work like the originals and a few hot on a group of products to compare, to prevent dislocation and other errors.

6, the factors to be considered in advance of bronzing products

(1) to see what gold is hot, and calculates the required amount in advance. Pneumatic stripping machine

(2) Printed or plastic sealed after use plastic wrap.

(3) Large quantities of the product to be done and often do copperplate.

(4) The version number and more difficult to install sun film version.

  Third, the production process

     Operator in the whole production process, should be responsible for the safe operation of the quality of products and machines. Pneumatic stripping machine

(1) is responsible for the quality of products on the procedure to be checked, including printing, plastic and so on. Such as problem. Should be immediately reflected to the supervisor.

(2) View the need bronzing products, with or without waste, or several different paper mixed together, and if there is, it should be piled separately, note the mark, fill out the "abnormal product registration form", to reflect the leader.

(3) is responsible for the bronzing quality and timely sampling, pay attention to good quality. Pneumatic stripping machine

(4) focuses on the following aspects in the product you want to check:... A stamping stamping paste version b c writing is not strong, graphic incomplete d e surface bronzing printing position not to dirty spots.

(5) bronzing often appear quality problem analysis A: Paper is not on the hot gold:. A check printing oil there to check the pressure is balanced dry b c d check for damage bronzing edition gold paper to see whether the temperature-dependent B...: stamping paste version: a high temperature pressure is too large b c layout lines too much space c:... sets hot allowed:.. a gold foil version is not installed pull regulations are not in place b c whether the paper deformation or pick d. View bronzing version is larger or smaller than the print position

(6) After the bronzing treatment processes A: To bump bump-on products immediately. B: bump to keep up with gold foil. C: After hot out with a film verify get on.

(7) strictly in accordance with the rules and concentrate on the operation, may not grab the paper. Machinery and equipment to ensure the safety and security of person. Pneumatic stripping machine

  IV Notes

      All operators must strictly follow the instructions of this job specification job, not free any program to reduce and simplify any program. Managers at all levels have strict requirements, the implementation of the supervision and inspection at any time.

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