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Species die-cutting machine

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    Cutting machine according to imprint different forms, mainly divided into Rotary, round flattened, platen three types. According to the form template placement can be divided into vertical and horizontal. According to the degree of automation manual (semi-automatic) and automatic two. From a functional perspective, in addition to die-cutting, there are tipping function, called hot stamping die cutting machine, some with automatic stripping function, called stripping cutting machine.

    Rotary die cutting machine features a line contact, small cutting pressure, high production efficiency, can be offset, flexo, gravure printing machines and other devices are connected together for inline die-cutting, so the relatively wide range of applications . The equivalent of a roller impression cylinder, applying pressure die-cutting; the other one is roller die cutter. Cylinder die cutter with wooden and metal into two categories, the former major die-thick corrugated cardboard, the latter using chemical etching or engraving method for processing electronic metal cylinder die cutter, mainly for self-adhesive labels and trademarks Die , there is a metal cylinder die cutter is mainly used in high-grade long-term products, using pressure or shear-cut form.

    Round Die Cutting Machine is currently used in the market is small, there are not a professional manufacturer, not repeat them here. Die Cutting Machine is currently the most widely used of the most popular types, most of the models are also domestic and foreign manufacturers. Domestic there YAWA, Tangshan India, North Group Corporation, Henan new machine Group, Beijing victory Albert Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers; abroad Switzerland BOBST, Germany IMG, Japan ASAHI, American Standard carton machinery company, Spain IBERICA, Korea YoungShin Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan IIJIMA and Heidelberg, and other manufacturers. Platen die-cutting machine can be used for all types of cutting, both semi-artificial Continued paper cutting, die-cutting can be automatic high-speed linkage; both die-cut corrugated cardboard, cardboard, stickers, but also die-cut rubber, sponge, metal plates and so on.

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