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SH-1060SEF automatic die-stamping machine

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SH-1060SEF   Automatic die cutting and foil stamping machine


1. SH-1060SEF can handle large format die cutting and foil stamping with 3 vertical and 2 horizontal foil pull systems. Based on customers printing layout to select vertical, horizontal, or two-ways to conserve foil material and save material costs.


2. The advanced vacuum feed table (options) can substantially enhance sheet feeding stability. A back of electronic controls makes the feeder unit a more user friendly system and helps reduce the operator workload.


· Shorter time for replacing plates and adjustment


· User friendly operation


· More stable operation 


· More safety features

· More versatility

· More direct management


· Less consumable material 


· Quick payback on investment



Maximum paper size: 1060 × 740mm

Minimum sheet size: 400 × 360mm

Acceptable Paper range: 80-1200 g

Maximum operating pressure: 300 tons

Minimum blade size: 8mm

The maximum roll diameter discharge foil: 200mm

Electric hot plate heating: Area 12

Heating plate temperature range: 0 ~ 200 ℃

Anodized aluminum foil transport axes: longitudinal 3-axis, 2-axis transverse

Machine Power (kW): 50 KW Weight: 17 tons

Power requirements: 380∨ three-phase 50

Machine Dimensions (m): 7.1 × 4.2 × 2.4m (L × W × H)

Maximum printing speed: 6000 / hour (typesetting, die-cut paper and operational factors depending on product availability)

Maximum cutting speed 7500 rev / hour (depending on layout, paper and operational factors may be die-cut products)

Die-cutting range: 1040 × 730mm Maximum stamping Range: 1020 × 730mm.

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