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Feeding device

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Four by four suction feeder to send a strong, stable and smooth away the paper, while the height and angle of the nozzle can be adjusted accordingly.
The unique spiral design of the presser foot air separator, so suck away the paper more stable.
Feeder head parts imported from Taiwan, the use of lightweight materials, superhard aerospace aluminum alloy and anodized.
Overall stiffness, wear resistance, adaptability unique. Features three bull design, using photoelectric sensors, to ensure safety.
Slant paper feed table design, more suitable for high-speed delivery and tissue localization.
Tractor wheel quick adjustment with weight balancing device, lightweight and convenient.
Unique gear transmission structure, electrically adjustable paper too early or too slow to arrive. Double sheet detector control and deceleration devices in place of paper.
Side positioning using pull, push dual-side regulation means, in accordance with the paper selection, switching convenient and easy to operate.
Non-stop style paper feed lift station. Primary and secondary paper sets used interchangeably, continued to paper, without downtime, improve production efficiency, feeder at high speeds can also adjust the paper feed station about location.
Special Order with Germany BECKER oil-enhanced high-blown, dual vacuum suction pump, smooth operation, low noise.
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