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SH-1050E automatic die-cutting machine

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SH-1050E  Automatic die-cutting machine


1. SH-1050E could realizes paper feeding, paper conveying, die cutting, and automatic paper collecting process in one pass.



2. SH-1050E can be available for most materials : paper, carton board, card board, heavy solid board, corrugated board, PVC, PP and other materials. 




3. The productivity of SH die cutting machine is 3 to 4 times of normal die cutting machine. Two platen press sections working at 7500 sheets per hours with 1050mm sheet size which can bring higher productivity and lower cost to your company. This machine can run card paper with 80-1200 g/m2.


4. The high accurate operation of SH-1050SE can provide high efficiency working process. All our electronics and accessory parts are world famous brand. We make every parts of the machine to the best to make sure high precision and highly stable performance.


5.SH-1050E are with very high performance and good price. Bring in one good price automatic die cutting machine can save you lots of money in labor cost. And can make you more money with high efficiency, high precision, stable and safe performance.


We always puts security, stable performance, high productivity and quality in first consideration.  SH-1050E is your best choice for die cutting in printing and packaging production.



  Maximum paper size: 1050 × 750mm




  Minimum sheet size: 400 × 360mm




  Die-cutting range: 1040 × 730mm




  Maximum operating pressure: 300 tons




  Acceptable Paper range: 80-1200 g / m² paper jam




  Corrugated board thickness: ≤4mm




  The maximum mechanical speed of 7500 rev / hour (depending on layout, paper and operational factors may be die-cut products)




  The minimum width of the waste side: 8mm




  Machine Power (kW): 23 KW




 Weight: 15.6 tons


Power requirements: 380∨ three-phase





Machine Dimensions (m): length 6.1 × width 4.1 × high 2.3m (including pre-paper guide)

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